Vegetation Change detection of Nose Hill Park, Calgary using NDVI and SAVI

Vegetation Change detection of Nose Hill Park, Calgary using NDVI and SAVI

Project Summary: 

Remote sensing application has been very effective in using the vegetation indices which applies the spectral bands from satellite images to highlight the spectral properties of vegetation so that they appear distinct from other land covers in images. In this assignment, two vegetation indices (NDVI and SAVI) have been used to detect the changes of vegetation cover from the year 1984 to 2010. Landsat 5 TM images have been used this assignment to determine the changes in vegetation cover. The results show that from 1984 to 2010 the vegetation land cover has increased and area that not vegetation cover has reduced. However, NDVI and SAVI images resulted in slightly different output as SAVI minimizes the soil brightness influences. NDVI images show that there has been 7.68% increase in the vegetation cover and 91% decrease in non-vegetation cover areas, whereas SAVI images show that 12.12% increase in the vegetation and 88.1% decrease in non-vegetation areas. However, since NDVI and SAVI cannot eliminate atmospheric effects, for future studies to eliminate the atmospheric effects EVI or ARVI can be applied.





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